SCP Insurance Group is especially competitive in the homeowners insurance market.  With nearly a dozen carriers in this market, it is very rare that we are unable to offer better coverage with a lower premium.  Many companies in the state have taken sizable rate increases, raised deductibles, or lowered coverage limits on roofs in this very difficult market, but by providing our clients options, we are able to avoid these scenarios while still offering the coverage that fits their needs.  Year in and year out, storm after storm


SCP Insurance Group is appointed with nearly a dozen auto insurance carriers.  This allows us to be competitive in almost every situation.  Whether you are a renter looking to save towards the purchase of your first home, or the large household with one or more youthful drivers concerned about proper coverage, or an individual needing an SR-22 due to a DUI, or you just have questions about your coverage because you don’t have a devoted agent




SCP Insurance Group has a wide selection of commercial insurance carriers to choose from.  Each company we represent has niche markets that they'll fight to win the business.  This leaves very few gaps in risks we cannot place, and be competitive in. Be it the everyday retail or professional Business Owners Policy, or the tough to place, high risk industries.


SCP Insurance Group is licensed with over 20 of the top life insurance companies in the nation.  Life insurance companies are no different than other lines of insurance in that they each have risks in which they specialize. For example, we offer carriers that overlook occasional tobacco use and will provide a non-nicotine rating, others have more forgiving height and weight tables, and some will skip the medical exam all together and approve policies in as little as 48 hours.  Whether you need an inexpensive term policy, a high return permanent solution, an asset based, critical illness rider or long term care need




SCP Insurance Group can now insure your bicycle.  This coverage is very inexpensive, covers a lot more than your homeowners policy and won't affect your homeowners premium if you have a claim.  The coverage includes damage and repair to your bike at market value, medical expenses, liability, and even your biking accessories.  The policy can help you whether you are a casual rider, a commuter, or even a racer.  Best of all, you can have a policy within 5 mintute!!!  Call us or simply visit this link to learn more and issue your policy today